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7 Basic Tools Every Filmmaker should Have

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7 basic filmaker tools

Being a filmmaker needs a lots of Commitments and Passion. For a good film you need to have a good quality to make it a sucess. Talking about the tools that Filmmaker should have is there are many. But in this blog we are going to talk about the 7 basic tools that every Filmmaker should have or buy.

⦁ Camera

Camera is the most important tool you should have. You can use High Range camera or the camera in your pocket (smartphone). In these days your smartphone cameras can also shoot high quality videos which impress us all. You can also go for mid range camera like Canon 80d or high range DSLR like Sony A7R3 or Canon EOS R or you can even use the cinema camera which cost high amount of cash. For beginner Filmmaker I would recommend to use your smartphone or Canon 80d.

Note – Canon 80d is a good camera for videography at its price range it has good functions but the only cons it have is it doesn’t support 4k. If you want 4k then opt for canon 90d.

⦁ Lens

You got the camera but what about the Lens ever thought about it. Choosing a good lens is important, for a filmmaker both wide and micro lens are useful but the most important lens for filmmaking are 16mm or 18mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm and 85mm these lens provide wide veriety of options

⦁ Tripod

As camera tripod also plays a vital role in filmmaking. The smooth pan and tilt shoots can be obtained by a tripod. You don’t need to invest much for a tripod an Amazon basic Tripod does the same job as Manfronto Tripod. There you can save a lot of money.

⦁ Gorrila pod or a Stabilizer

Talking about Gorrila pod or Stabilizer are used for hand stabilize when we are moving and want a clear image of that scene (like taking a shot of a man riding a bicycle and the camera is also moving but due to hand movement the shots got annoying) to solve this problem Gorrila pod or stabilizer are used. Gorrila pod are cheap and can save a lot of cash. Another cheap option Is handheald stabilizer for which you have to do work on your own. The best of these all is electronic stabilizer which is little costly but worth the price.

⦁ Microphone

People can watch your video if your video quality is low but none will watch a bad audio quality video. Its usually boring. To solve audio problems you should use a shotgun mic which is easily attachable with your camera.

⦁ Lights

Lights and shades provides a better and professional look in your film. I used the normal ring Lights which are cheap and worth the price. You can also opt for high quality lighting like soft box one which are little too costly.

⦁ Hard Drive

Oh! Shooting without a hard drive it will be your biggest mistake, You should always save you file in a hard drive. Go and get a 1tb hard drive atleast. Your video raw files are too big that you need something to store it. And hard drive are the best option you have.

I wanted to add one more thing into this list and that is a good laptop or desktop.

⦁ Laptop or PC

For a good post production of your video you must have a good Laptop or Pc. The good one reduce the rendering time and protect your videos from software issue which low specs laptop or pc suffer.

After knowing this 7 basic tools needed for a filmmaker I hope you will step up your first step towards your success of being a successful filmmaker.


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