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How to earn from Youtube Monetization

Youtube Monetization
Youtube Monetization

So you want to earn from youtube monetization but dont know how to? Dont worry because if you follow my technique then you can easily start earning within four months, in some case it can go high or sometimes even one month. Growing in youtube isn’t so easy for that you have to spend your maximum time you can and give the best you can. The more best you give the more better you will get.

Firstly every one knows that according to youtube policy Youtube wont allow anyone to monetization there channel for that they need 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers. If you are a hardworker then you can easily complete the challenge set by youtube.

When starting youtube dont focus on earnings because that thought wont let you achieve your goals. Keep these points in mind.

  • Unique Channel Name
  • Research about your niche
  • Find trending topic of your niche
  • Find Keywords for your title
  • Make sure your Audio and Video quality is good Keep posting constantly
  • Dont give up

1 – Unique Channel name

This is one of the most important criteria to grow. If your name is unique then you can easily get your name on the top of search. For example i wrote motionbull on youtube then that channel shows up on the top of the list. Being unique helps you to reduce the competitions in name searching. So whenever somebody search your name on youtube you will be appeared first.

2 – Research about your Niche

Niche is the area where you are making videos. For example a youtube gamer (Hammer) will only post on gamings, whereas a traveller will post videos regarding there travel. Don’t go for more niche stay between 1 or 2 niche because the more you go the more harder it would be to get your videos on top list of youtube.

3 – Find Trending Topic for your Niche

Finding a trending topic helps you get more views than expected. For example I and my friend both choosed a niche on Tech review and unboxing, we both had separate channel but one day he looked on the search engine and found a tranding topic, but whereas me i didnt belive in search engines i belived i will make any video and people will watch it. But at last after a week when we see on the analytics my friend had got more views than me and i still stucked in that same place where no views or minimal views and he started getting attention on youtube. So this is the only way you can get the maximum attention of youtube and initially youtube will start pulling you up. You can find Trending Topics from Google Trends.

4 – Find the perfect keywords for your Title

Finding a perfect keywords can help you to get an idea of how many people are searching that topic on Google. So initially when they type that topic your video will rank in top of google. For example, Using the tech review example from above point. I got a trending topic on Iphone 11 camera and i am not sure of what title i should use here i wont make a random title first i will research the keywords which is most used in google i used Neilpatels keyword finder. There i got Iphone 11 price and colors. So i choosed the topic and keywords now making a custom title adding this four(4) word keywords which is Iphone, 11, price and colors.

There we go we got a topic on our trending topic (Iphone 11), Then got the best searched keywords of this topic (Iphone, 11, price and colors). Now make a perfect custom title for youtube.

5 – Making a good quality of Video and Audio

People wont like a video in which a there is a bad quality of audio or the video quality is too bad. Avoid such mistakes and make good quality over there. And one more thing to add is please remove boring scenes and audio from our videos. People will hate watching such videos. And will create a bad impression of yours aswell and youtube will dont let you rank on top.

6 – Keep posting constantly

If you can post every day or 1 video in 2 days then that could be a great option. Because the more you post the more SEO rank you can get but make sure you get all the above things done before posting each day or 1 in 2 days. Beacause a single mistake and youtube will downgrade you. Or else you can post 2 in a week or 1 in a week minimum if you go down than this then it will be pretty hard to get the monitization done within 4 months.

7 – Dont give up

Most people give up before posting or after posting few videos because they become lazy. If thats the case dont do Youtubeing because you are wasting your time and money. If you belive in yourself then i am 100% sure you can succeed. But dont stop if you then you are failed.Getting Youtube Monetization is not an easy task you should work hard to gain it. Consistency is the only way to success.

After uploading the videos constantly and following my rules i can assure that you can soon achive the audience that you want. And you can now start your youtube Monetization of your channel and as well earn a handsome money from it.
All the best.

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