modi amd trump friensdhip

11:00 PM IST
22nd September
NRG Stadium, Houston, Texas, United states

         PM Modi left for US on 21st September 2019. At 12:30am IST He will arrive in George Bush International Airport in Houston. Were he got warm welcome from American Government officials. Some Indians were also waiting for him at the front gate of the hotel he was going to stay. Tight security was provided to him during his visit.

         At 18:00pm IST he attended the round-table meeting with Energy sector CEO at Hotel Post Oak. This meeting was fully focussed on Energy security and mutual investment opportunities between India and United States.

         On 22nd September Modi will attend the Grand Howdy Modi event where he will share his stage with US president Donald Trump. An estimated of 50,000 Indian-Americans have came to watch this program. The program is scheduled to be 3hrs long and is going to start at 7:30pm IST.

Modi and Trump

         Modi and Trump had a grand entry towards the program through which seeing the crowd Trump had tweeted “Incredible”. Throughout the program Modi and Trump had some beautiful speech which catched the hearts of millions.

Modi said “This event name is Howdy Modi but Modi alone is nothing he is a normal man who is working on the command of 130 crore Indian.”

         Modi said that “Everything is Fine” in different languages of India. He said in different Indian language there is our liberal and democratic recognition of India. He also stated that 2019 was a big historic win for Modi he got more vote than 2014 election that was not of Modi it was Indians who did that. In 2019 election around 610million voters took part that is 2 times the population of US. This shows the democratic strength of India.

         He also stated that now terrorist will not be tolerated anymore and called a “decisive battle” against terrorism. Modi clapped his hands saying we are proud of Donald trump Morale to fight against terrorist.

         Donald Trump said “India will have access to world class American product NBA Basketball. Thousands will gather in Mumbai for first ever NBA basketball game in India. Am I invited Mr Prime minister.” He also added “I may Come, Be carefull I may come.”

         Modi responded it and said “Mr president I would like you come to India with your family so that we will get a chance to welcome you.”


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