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How to Save yourself from COVID19?

How to save yourself from COVID19

Time has came when a big epedimic has started infecting us. We don’t have any medicine for its cure. So we need to be careful. There is less chance that you could be infected by COVID19 if you take precautions. This time is so important because corona is a air to air disease. And corona spreads faster than a normal FLU. Very soon the medicines for COVID19 will be made but we need to give time for our researchers to find a cure for it. We have few steps you can take to save yourself from corona.


You are getting a great chance to stay at home. So take advantage of it and stay home with your loved ones. A Social distancing helps you fight COVID19 by reducing the risk of affecting by air. It is said by the experts that you should make a distance of minimum 2 meter when talking to any person. A person affected by COVID19 could not show the symptoms during first few days they might be affected but neither you or they knew of it unless symptoms started showing off. So make a distance and stay safe at your home.

2) Wash your Hands and Face frequently

God knows what you touch and whom you touch by mistake and might be possible you could have touched a Corona infected person or an infected item. So its important to keep yourself clean and safe, COVID19 can be spread with a medium of EYES, NOSE, MOUTH & EARS. So take this seriously and make sure you wash your hands and face frequently.

3) Eat a lots of Healthy food

More Vitamins, Fibers, Calcium, Proteins etc helps your body to fight all kinds of diseases. So it is as important as social distancing to eat healthy food. If you are healthy your body will defeat corona. Your body is the best medicine you have to fight any kind of disease so keep your body strong.

4) Sweating

Keep yourself busy in exercise and keep sweating. You should know the basic benefits of Sweating.

  • Boosting energy
  • Maintaining healthy weight
  • Defending against many diseases and health conditions
  • Improving mood
  • Promoting good sleep

All these benefits plays an important role in protecting yourself from corona. DO EXERCISE AND SWEAT YOURSELF. For exercise don’t make excuse that you need to go to the gym for Exercise you can do basic exercise at home too. If you have treadmill you can run or if you don’t have you can run inside your house even you can search Youtube for some home exercise. Dont make excuse because its for your life.


Yoga has a benefit of supporting and strengthen your immune system. Yoga also helps to keep your body disease free and healthy. Yoga has many health benefits including immunity Read more to know about the benefits of yoga.



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