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Trump wants to Include India and Russia in G7

US President Donald Trump wants to reformat G7, the group of seven advanced economies in the world, to make it a G10...

Hardik Pandya and Natasa Stankovic are Expecting a baby

Actress Natasa Stankovic and cricketer Hardik Pandya hit headlines when they got engaged on New Year’s Eve this year. Ever since then,...

SpaceX successfully Launch Falcon 9 Rocket after Starship Failure

SpaceX made history today, flying NASA astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken to space aboard its Crew Dragon spacecraft using a Falcon...

US should Ban China and Shift its Manufacturing Unit to its...

The United States of America is in touch with India and its other “trusted allies” to move manufacturing from China and create...

PM Modi Master Plan to Counter China in Ladakh

India has moved additional troops along its northern border as it prepares for an extended conflict with neighbhour China in Ladakh, after...

Trump is sure that Coronavirus have originated in Wuhan lab

US President Donald Trump said on Thursday he was confident the coronavirus may have originated in a Chinese virology lab, but declined...

Rishi Kapoor passes away after a long battle with Cancer

Veteran Bollywood actor Rishi Kapoor breathed his last today at 8:45 am, at the age of 67. The popular actor had been unwell...

Irrfan Khan passes away battling Colon Infection

Irrfan Khan passed away today at a hospital in Mumbai, where he was admitted for colon infection. The 53-year-old actor had been battling cancer since...

Trump says he will temporarily suspend all immigration to US

President Donald Trump has said that he will sign an executive order to temporarily suspend immigration into America, amid the coronavirus outbreak that has...

India under complete Lockdown for 21 days

25/03/2020 Before entering into a serious problem of Corona Epidemic. Prime Minister Modi declared a 21 days nationwide...

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