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Top 5 Hair Wax In India 2019

Before Buying a hair wax you should take note of these 3 things

1) Length of your hair

 –  The length of your hair plays a major role in selecting your perfect hair wax. There are Long, Medium and Short Hairs but here
the wax i recomended where for Medium and Short Hairs. We will be making an article for best long hair wax. As most of the wax can’t
hold the long hair for more time. Subscribe our newsletters to get notification about next article.

2) Do you have any hair problems

Now, this is a really serious matter. If you are suffering from hair problems, then you need to be really careful about the hair wax you use.
If you have problems like hairfall, split ends or dandruff you really need to read the package carefully and opt for a wax that doesn’t in any way
aggravate your problems. Not all wax are made of organic or natural material. Most of the waxes are loaded with artificial chemicals.

3) your Budget

Budget is the overview of your spending capability for a product or service. The Hair wax usually starts from 80rs and go upto 5000rs.
In this article we kept the budget under 500rs. Soon we will make an aricle on top costliest and luxary Hair Wax. 


 1) Urban Gabru Zero To Infinity Hair wax

Urban Gabru


  Urban Gabru zero to infinity hair wax is sulphate and paraben free, giving you the peace of mind every champion needs to get the job done. This product is specifically tailored to the urban man who wants salon quality products made just for him. The strength is much stronger then the cream type wax, therefore you will have much more control on small details on how you want your hair to be shaped once the styling is complete, the hair will stay in position. It’s light-weight formula is easily absorbed into the hair without leaving any residue and give perfect flexible hold to restyle hair. This is the one of the top 5 hair wax.

Main Features – Added Natural and Organic ingredients.

Price – 280rs

 2) Gatsby Hair Wax



  Gatsby is probably that one brand that most men immediately think of when they are searching for premium hair wax for themselves. As this leather styling wax from there collection is an increadibly powerful varient that wont even burn any holes in your wallet. allowing different textures (from glossy to matte) to settle on your hair you can use this hair wax irrespective of the length of your hair, as it caters to both short and long hair. They have 6 different types of hair wax you can use it according to your hair.

1- Red for Wild Spiky style
2- Pink for Mohawk Mania style
3- Orange for Urbane Emo style
4- Gray for Hard Head style
5- Blue for Messy Scrunch style
6- Green for Mysterious Wave style

Price – 170rs


3) Beardo Creme Power Styling Wax


While Beardo is mostly known for curating grooming products. This creme power hair wax is a powerful and A-grade product that will help give thickness and texture to your hair. This Hair wax is incredibly easy to apply, it will remain longer. This wax is made from natural ingrediants so it won’t have any effect of damage on your hair. On the other hand you will get Schwarzkopf product under 400rs but i wont recomend it because of its chemical ingredients.

Price – 400rs

4) Ustraa Hair wax


Ustraa happens to be one of those brands that have always curated premium grooming essentials for men and as it turns out, this hair wax from their collection is not going to be bucking that trend anytime soon. This wax is formulated using natural ingredients and essential oils, this SLS and Paraben free product will create a matte look for your hair, retain its natural oil and also double down as antibacterial and antiseptic agent.
Price – 270rs

5) Set Wet Hair Wax

Set Wet


  Set wet have managed to effectively transform the way we look at mens grooming in the country and have also given us some fantastic products. The set wet studio x hair styling wax has been designed to facilitate extremely solid hold and volume of the hair while also managing to last all day effortlessly. It has been carefully designed to work best with all kinds of hair and blends seamlessly to give you the hairstyle you always wanted. It specializes in a host of different styles so that you can experiment all you want and nail that perfect look every single time. Finally, it washes off pretty easily leaving behind zero residue and is thus perfect for all kinds of occasions. So these where the top 5 hair wax.

Price – 244rs


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